Variant Configuration for a BOM

By Bageerath Cheryala

A material CYCLE is created as a configurable material with Gen. Item category group as 0004 and Item category group as ERLA. Also material CYCLE is a BOM material, which has sub items. 

Go to Transaction code: MM01. Do the following:

  1. Basic Data 2 Screen: Set ‘Material is Configurable’ Indicator 

  2. To determine item category TAC in sales order, maintain a suitable item category group such as 0002 

  3. MRP 2 View: Procurement type ‘E: In house Production’ 

  4. MRP 3 View: Strategy Group. ’25: Make-to-order for configurable’ used for demo 

  5. MRP3 View: Availability Check ’02: Individual Requirement’ 

  6. Classification view: Attach the variant class 


Go to tab classification and select the class type Variants-300 as shown below. 


Assign the class CYCLECLASS in the assignments area.  


The class CYCLECLASS is created with the class type 300 (Variants) for the material cycle.

Transaction Code: CL01.


Now maintain the characteristics as shown below in the screen shot.

1) CYCLETYRES                       2) SYSTEM

3) CYCLEMODEL                      4) CYCLEPRIZE 


Now the characteristic CYCLETYRES was created with character format.

Transaction Code: CT04.


Go to the values tab and maintain the characteristic values and description as per the requirement. 


Now the characteristic SYSTEM was created with character format.

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