Special Processing Indicator

By Rani

The Special Processing Indicator defines the mode of shipment to be used for an order and applies the corresponding shipping costs based on the mode used. Express shipping or special tariffs are forms of special processing. 

Following is the process of defining “Special Processing Indicator”: 

Go to transaction SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Transportation -> Define Special Processing Indicator 


Following screen appears: 


Click on New entries. 

Add a Special Processing Indicator. 


Save your entries. 

All entries regarding the “Special Processing Indicator” are stored in the table TVSAK and the texts for the same are stored in the table TVSAKT. 

Following is the procedure to set the “Special Processing Indicator” in the Sales Order: 

Open any of the available Sales Order (Transaction VA02): 


Click on “Display doc. Header details” (highlighted above): 


Click on the tab “Shipping” 


Enter the value in the field “Special Processing Indicator”: 


This value is stored in the field SDABW of VBAK table. 

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