Minimum Price check in Sale order

By Moazzam Ali, Orient Group of Companies

Business Process:

If client gives you a requirement that they have two prices - Invoice price and bottom price. End users should have access to enter manual discount within this limit e.g If invoice price is 100 and bottom price is 90, end user can enter discount only 10 or less. How to map this in standard configuration? 


For this you have to follow these steps. 

1. Create Pricing condition for bottom price ZBAS and maintain condition records in it for bottom price. Also add this condition in your pricing schema and tick static. Don’t assign any account key with it.

2. Create a pricing routine with following logic. Take help of your ABAPER if you don't know how to create pricing routine. 

Logic of Routine:

Assign any subtotal variable from XWORKD to XWORKM to your credit amount. The amount you are transferring in FI or customers ledger.

Compare bottom price condition value with this variable. This is the comparison of net price with bottom price. You can have your other requirements too like if you want to exclude some user or condition from this check you can exclude.

This logic will work against ZBAS condition. 

IF it_komv-kwert > XWORKF.

   komp-cepok = 'B'.


This field KOMP-CEPOK will take this order to incomplete and change its status. This order cannot be processed until you rectify its pricing issue.

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