Assigning number ranges for different customer account groups

By Teja

Scenario: To define two customer groups, domestic and international, and assign different number ranges. 

Go to transaction OBD2


Click on new entries. 


Similarly create for international customer. 


Now to assign number ranges, go to transaction XDN1. 


Click on Change intervals. Following screen appears:


Click on New interval. 


Enter the information as shown above. Click on insert. 

Similarly create number range for international customer.


Now we need to map the customer account group and the number range created above. 

Go to transaction OBAR. 


Search for your entries in the table control above (in this case, it is ZDC, ZIC)


Enter the number range corresponding to the domestic customer.


Similarly enter for international customer as well. 


Save your entries. 

Now, when a domestic customer is created: 


When an international customer is created:

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