Understanding Material Determination

By Tejaswini

Material Determination is a technique to determine the material to be used in the Sales Order. For e.g.,

  1. Substituting one Material to another in the Sales Order.

  2. Special gift-wrapping of a material for a festive season.

  3. Swapping customer’s material number to our own material number. 

To configure the Material Determination: 

Go to SPRO -> Reference IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Material Determination -> Maintain Prerequisites for Material Determination (As shown in the screenshot below): 


Following screen appears: 


We would go by step-by-step for the Material determination.

The first step is “Maintain field catalog”. This screen can also be accessed from the transaction OV26.

Field catalog contains fields used by the system to determine substitution materials in the Material Determination procedure. Click on “Maintain field catalog” in the screenshot above. Following screen appears: 


For our demo purpose, we would work on only MATNR (Material Number). Scroll down the list to find the field MATNR.


Click on Backspace and come back to the main screen:


Click on “Display Condition tables”


Use F4 help to select a table.


Select 001 from the list and press Enter.

To continue, click here.

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