Condition Exclusion

By Kanhu Ranjan Padhi, SAP Labs

Condition exclusion let you determine which condition type should be used in a given situation.

User can navigate to Condition Exclusion in below path:

IMG (Execute Transaction SPRO) -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Pricing Control -> Condition Exclusion

User can maintain Condition exclusion in two ways

1.     Condition Exclusion for Groups of Condition

2.     Condition Exclusion for Condition Types And Records

Condition Exclusion for Groups of Condition:

In this you can create your own group and maintain conditions in the created group. Condition to be compared is first placed in an exclusion group.

Step 1: Define Condition Exclusion Groups

Create two exclusion groups ZXX1 and ZXXX as below:

Step 2: Assign Condition types to the Exclusion Groups 

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