Shift Note in SAP

By U.Nagarajan, HLL Lifecare Ltd

1.     To create comments about a Person, Machine, an Event or other special points occurs within a shift or happened while executing the process orders that cannot be entered elsewhere in the system. (i.e., in a confirmation or maintenance notification, for instance).

2.     Can be created with reference to a Process order, Work center, a hierarchy, or a resource


(a)   To document all important information and events that is occurring within a shift or while executing the Process order

(b)   Sending the information’s to other recipients  


  • Notification type for the Shift note-Creation
  • Assigning Shift Notification type to the required resources
  • Shift Note creation
  • Sending Shift note to other recipients


STEP 1  

Notification type for the Shift note-Creation


IMG Menu path

Logistics General ® Make Settings for Shift Notes ® Make Settings for Shift Note Type

Step 2

Assigning Shift Notification type to the required resources


SAP Menu Path

Logistics®Production Process ® Master Data® Resources ®Resource®Create/Change

T. Code



STEP 3  

Shift Note Creation using  SHN1 & sending to different recipients  

Go To “ SHN1 ”,enter the Resource / Work center


After entering the Resource, press enter or click  button, the following screen 


Enter the required details in the “Comment” Area

Click  button , the following message appears

Click  and then save ,the following screen appears:

Click the “Recipient column”, the following screen appears

Click here to continue..

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