Repetitive Manufacturing Cycle




Save the profile and exit from SPRO. 

1.       Create Material Master with Fert and ROH as usual.

2.       Create BOM as Usual.

3.       Create Production Line with Capacity Category as : 0007 (i.e normal work center)

4.       Create Rate Routing for Fert Material using TC: CA21

5.       Go to Change Material Master (Fert Material ) and Attach REM Profile, Mark tick indicator for REM Manufacturing. In MRP-4 View.

6.       Create Production Version for this Fert material.

Select BOM, Select Rate Routing with No. 

Defn: REM Profile 

Repetitive manufacturing profile 

    Controls, via order type, whether you are working with make-to-order repetitive manufacturing, based on sales orders, or with make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing, based on no specific orders. 


    The repetitive manufacturing profile also determines;

  • How the system deals with activities when back flushing
  • Which movement type is used to post goods receipts and goods issues
  • How planned order and run schedule quantities are reduced in the
  • Back flush transaction
  • How BOM corrections are made - if errors should occur when posting
  • Quantities to be back flushed


Repetitive manufacturing profiles are defined in Customizing for Repetitive Manufacturing. 

Material Screen Shot: 

Click on Production Version:

Enter the Prodn Ver No., Validity Period. 


Double Click Selected line. 


Enter The Necessary Data as in Item no.6. 

Click on Check button to check the entries: 


Green light should glow (if there is any inconsistency found then it glows with red color). 

Save The Material Master and Exit. 

Step No: 3 

Create Independent Requirements TC: MD61 

Step No:4 

Run MRP TC: MD02 

Step No: 5 

Go to Planning Table TC: MF50 and assign the quantities to production line. 

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