Production Planning (PP)

PP Topics:

  • Control Recipe/PI sheet deletion procedure (More details) NEW
  • Shift Note in SAP (More details) NEW
  • Segregation of Valuable Components (ROH’s/VERP’s/SFG’s) for reuse after Process order confirmation & after GR (More details) NEW
  • Process Instruction (PI) Sheet (More details) NEW
  • Process Order Confirmation with Auto Goods Movement (Both GI & GR) (More details
  • Automatic batch determination for raw materials/packaging materials/semi finished goods during Process Order Confirmation (More details
  • MRP Run in background for all Network Plants (More details)
  • Typical Production cycle in Process Industry (More details)
  • Repetitive Manufacturing Cycle (More details)
  • Production Order Splitting (More details)
  • Routing Vs Task list Vs Work Procedure (More details)
  • Converting Planned Orders to Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders (More details)
  • Difference between Co-Product and Bi-Product with an example (More details)
  • Types of Subcontracting (More details)

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