Control Recipe/PI sheet deletion procedure

By U.Nagarajan, HLL Lifecare Ltd


To explain the Procedural steps for deleting the Control Recipe’s/PI sheets which are created against the process orders.

Sequential steps to be followed:

  • Completing the PI sheet entries using CO60XT
  • Sending &Deleing the PI Sheet using CO54

Steps in details:

Step 1

Completing the PI sheet entries using “CO60XT”

Go to CO60XT, Save& complete the PI sheet without entering any details and the make the status as completed  

Step 2

Sending &Deleing the PI Sheet using CO54

Go to CO54 ,enter the plant, delete the creation date (from),enter the order ,select the “ To be sent &sent “ then enter

Select the line item and click the button and then refresh  

PI sheet sent status will be obtained as follows,  

Now select the line item, go to “Edit” and then click “Delete” options  

The PI sheet gets deleted from the list

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