Process Order Confirmation with Auto Goods Movement (Both GI & GR)

By U.Nagarajan, HLL Lifecare Ltd


To perform the Auto GI by using Back flush technique and Auto GR by using Control key during the Process order confirmation in “COR6N”

Steps involved:

·         Backflush indicator is to be made active for all the GI materials(ROH’s/VERP’s/SFG’s)

·         Creation of Control keys

·         Assigning the Control keys  to the Phase in Master recipe for which the Auto GR is required

·         Material assignment to the corresponding phases in Master recipe

·         Auto GI & GR during Process order Confirmation through the T.Code “COR6N”


·         Back flushing -A technique through which automatic accounting of GI materials with 261 movement can be performed, at the time of process order confirmation

·         Control Key- specifies the business functions to carry out with an operation. In the control key one can specify whether an operation has to be scheduled, whether capacity calculations should happen, whether the operation needs to be costed and whether auto goods receipt with 101 movements has to be carried out.

Steps in details:  


I.        Activation of Back flush indicator for the GI material:-


Menu Path

Logistics  ->  Materials Management   -> Material Master -> Material       Create(general)   ->   MM01– Immediately  ->  MRP 2  ->  Procurement  OR

Logistics   ->  Materials Management   -> Material Master  ->  Material  ->    Change ->    MM02– Immediately  ->  MRP 2   ->   Procurement

T. Code



II.        Creation of Control Keys :-  


IMG Menu

Production Planning for Process Industries  ->   Master Data ->      Master recipe data   ->     Define Control Key

T.  Code



III.        Assigning Control Key to the phase :-


IV.        Material assignment to the phases :-


V.        Auto GI & GR :-  

o    In “COR6N” , enter the Process order number, select the Phase & Confirmation type  and click on Goods Movements   button


101-Goods Receipt for the order

261-Goods Issue to the order

Save the Confirmation


If the material is not activated by “Backflush indicator” and not assigned  by the control key, then the GI & GR to be done separately through “MB1A-261 movement”& “MB31-101 movement” respectively.

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