Restricting end users from creating PO with quantity in excess of that in PR

By Madhusudhan

Go to transaction OMET 


Click on “New Entries”.


Enter the following values as shown below:


You can try clicking on F1 on the check box “Adopt PO Price”. Following screen would appear:


Save your entries. 

Now we need to assign this function to the corresponding end users. Go to Transaction SU01 OR SU52 -> Click on tab “Parameters”. Maintain the parameter EFB. 


Now we need to set an error message when the end user tries to create a PO greater than PR. 

Go to SPRO -> IMG à Material Management -> Purchasing -> Environment Data -> Define Attributes of System Messages


Following screen would appear:


Click on System messages. 


Click on “New Entries” and create the following entry. 


Save and Exit. Now whenever the end user tries to create a PO with quantity in excess of that in PR, then the above error message would appear. If you just want a warning message to be shown, change the message category to ‘W’.

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