Creating Z material type to meet business requirement

By Rahul Tyagi, HCL Technologies

Objective: Creating Z material type to meet business requirement.

Main Steps:

1.       Copy the most proximate material type to create your own material type to meet the business need.

2.       Create Field selection key by copying standard key

3.       Modify field status

4.       Create Number range group for material type(number range are created in each Instance individually and they are not transported and always create the number range group in same sequence in all instance)

Step 1: Access transaction code OMS2.

STEP: After clicking on copy button keep on pressing enter to acknowledge the warning message which will be coming. I have skipped that screenshot.

External No range assignment: IF you un mark the checkbox then system will accept the material number only from the range defined in customization and in case you keep this marked then you may enter any number for material .

Price Control: Whichever value you maintain here will be defaulted on material creation and you can see this value in accounting view.

External Purchase order:  In case the business tells you that no purchase order or external purchasing document is allowed for this kind of material then make the value 0.

Views:  DeSelect the views which are not required for this material type in MM01 or in MM11.

Step :

Quantity Updating: this radio button plays a vital role in material type. In case you want to make the material consumable and you don’t even want the quantity to be updated on posting GR then you can select the In no valuation area button.

Practical impact: At the time creation of purchase order you get a error message that the account assignment is mandatory then the cause of that is the above shown radio button is not marked with By valuation area and which makes it a consumable material type.

Account category reference: it’s a link between the material type and valuation class.

Material type ZALBàAccount category refer.--> valuation class (Z001,Z002,Z003).

Step: By performing the above steps we have created the material type.

Now we will create a Field selection key for ZALB by copying standard field selection key HALB.

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