Mass Maintenance of Vendor Master Changes

Scenario: In this scenario, we would set the deletion indicator for a set of vendor master records. 

Go to transaction MASS


Enter the value LFA1 in the Object Type and click on Execute. 


Select the record “Vendor Master (General Section)” (As shown in above screenshot) and click on tab “Fields”.


Scroll down the list and select the field “Deletion flag” (LFA1-LOEVM). Click on Execute. 


In this screen, you can mention the list of Vendors we want to modify. For our demo purpose, let us mention A* (All vendors starting with A).


Click on Execute again.


All vendors starting with A are listed here. You can also observe a single character field at the end of each record, which is the deletion indicator. Here you can check this field to make it as marked for deletion.

If you want all the records to be marked for deletion, then check the checkbox in the table control shown below and click on “Carry Out a Mass Change”. (See the screenshot below and observe the highlighted ones)


On clicking the “Carry Out a Mass Change”, all the vendor records displayed on the screen are also checked for Deletion. Now click on SAVE. 

You can verify the changes by looking at the table entries (Transaction SE11/SE16):

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