Marking fields as Mandatory/Optional in PO

By Leela Rani

In order to mark any of the fields as Mandatory or optional as per the business requirement, do the following:

Go to

SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Screen Layout at Document Level

The following screen appears:

Select NBF from the list and double-click the same.

You would see the field selection groups and you can select the required one.

For demo purpose, let us try making the Account Assignment category as Mandatory.

Double-click on “BasicData Item”

Now change the “Account assignment category” to mandatory. You can even try making any field as only Display as well (just in case you do not want the user to change the default values or the values proposed to be changed).

Save the entries.

Now when you try creating/changing the PO, you would observe that the field “Account Assignment category” is mandatory.

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