Marking Material Master fields Mandatory/Optional

By Sujatha

In this demo, we would try marking the field "Material Group" in MM01 as Mandatory. Please see the screenshot below from MM01. Here the field "Material Group" is not mandatory.

 Get the technical details of the field "Material Group" by clicking on F1 and then "Technical help". Note the value in the field "Screen Field". Here it is MARA-MATKL.

 Now go to Transaction SPRO -> IMG --> Logistics - General -> Material Master -> Field Selection -> Maintain Field Selection for Data Screens 

 Following screen appears:

 Now using F4 help on "Field Sel. group", select the value MARA-MATKL.

 Now scroll down the list to find the value MM01. i.e., we are trying to modify the properties of the field MARA-MATKL in the transaction MM01. Now click on the radio button "Reqd Entry" to mark the field as mandatory. Similarly, we can mark any field as optional or only as display field or hide the field.

Save your entries and check the field "Material Group" in the transaction MM01. See the screenshot below:

You can observe that the Material Group is set to Mandatory now.

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