How to create an ECN - Engineering Change Number and change material using it

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd


This article will describe in detail how to create an ECN and change material using it. Most of the time we use material master transaction code MM02 and make changes to the material. Sometimes we use the change number (ECN) and sometimes not. Sometimes for testing purpose we need create material but we don't know the process to create an ECN. This document will describe step-by-step process on how to create the ECN and change the material using it.

NOTE: Before following this document, one should have a basic knowledge of Material Master and Change Management.

Steps to be followed:  

Step1: Create an ECN using tcode CC01

Following is the simple process to create an ECN.

Go to the Transaction code CC01. 

In this Create Change Master: Initial screen Choose Settings ® Default Values from the SAP menu as shown below

After that Enter Change type, Profile and details in order to save the default values which can be used later and press Copy (Enter).

This will fill the initial screen with the default values selected in above step.

Press Enter and it will open the below screen

After that click on 'Object Types' and it will open the following screen. In this case, we are activating only Materials for this ECN. Hence, only materials changed using this ECN will later come under objects. (We will verify this in step 3 after changing the material)

(Tip: We can activate multiple fields and then change those fields using the ECN.)

Click on SAVE. It will generate the ECN. Copy the ECN number so that we can use it for changing the material.

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