MM Cookbook - Maintain Source list

By Subhajeet Behera


Source list is used to find the vendor automatically during auto vendor assignment process. It is a plant specific master data. 

Through configuration, it can be made as mandatory or an optional. 

Source list controls  

  • Validity period for each vendor

  • Indicates vendor as preferred vendor

  • Blocking vendor from raising PO

  • Source relevancy to MRP

  • Supplying plant incase of STO

Menu Path:- 

Logistics à Materials Management  à Purchasing  à Master Data  à Source List à ME01 Maintain 


Double Click ME01 


Maintain Material code number 

Maintain Plant 



Maintain valid from date 

Maintain Valid to date 

Maintain vendor code 

Maintain Purchase organization 

Note: - field  is used incase of STO. Supplying plant can be mentioned here. 

Tick the check box  *  to indicate the vendor as preferred vendor. 

Note: - Only one vendor can be indicated as preferred vendor in the same validity period. 

Check box  is used to block the vendor 

If this source is to be used by MRP, fill the  column.

Following are the allowed entries 




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