MM Cookbook - Create Scheduling Agreement

By Subhajeet Behera


Purchase order is an agreement between the vendor and a company to supply the goods at an agreed rate and at an agreed duration of interval.  

Purchase order is a legal document between a vendor and a company. It covers the payment terms and terms of delivery also.  

Scheduling agreement is one of the purchase order types. It defines the agreement between vendor and the company similar to the PO. For every scheduling agreement, delivery schedule is a must to indicate the supply schedule.  

If scheduling agreement exist, MRP can automatically create the delivery schedule.  

Let us create the scheduling agreement with vendor IND6-1 for material STJRM001.  

Menu Path:-  

Logistics à Materials Management  à Purchasing  à Outline Agreement   à Scheduling Agreement à Create à ME31L – Vendor Known  

Double Click ME31L  

Maintain the entries as shown below  



Maintain the entries as shown below.

Click to maintain the item details  

Maintain the entries as shown below  


Select the row by clicking the grey box in the left  

Click to check the conditions  

Note: - Scheduling agreement is used where the rate is fixed over the period of time without any changes.  


Message  would appear at the bottom

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