MM Cookbook - Create Info record

By Subhajeet Behera 


Purchase info record is the kind of template with all the information required to create purchase order. For each vendor, material and plant combination purchase info record can be created. 

Info records are created for following types of transactions 

  • Standard PO
  • Sub contracting
  • Consignment
  • Pipeline

When creating PO, most of the information will be copied from info record into PO. 

Info record controls  

  • Validity period for each vendor

  • Indicates vendor as preferred vendor

  • Blocking vendor from raising PO

  • Source relevancy to MRP

  • Supplying plant incase of STO

Menu Path:- 

Logistics à Materials Management  à Purchasing  à Master Data  à Info Record à ME11 Create 


Double Click ME11 

Maintain Vendor code number 

Maintain Material code number 

Maintain purchasing organization 

Maintain Plant 

Select the radio button Standard  


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