MM Cookbook - Goods Receipt against PO

By Subhajeet Behera


There are three types of main material movements in SAP. They are

  • Goods Receipt

  • Good Issue

  • Transfer Posting  

Through MIGO transaction entire above three types of transactions can be performed. There are many options with MIGO transaction code.  

Goods receipt is the process of receiving materials in to the storage location.   

Example receiving goods with reference to PO, customer returns, from production. When goods are received, inventory will be increased and relevant other documents will be adjusted.  

During the material movement, material document is generated for all movements. Relevant accounting and controlling documents are also created for relevant movement types.  

Menu Path:-  

Logistics à Materials Management  à Inventory management   à Goods Movement à MIGO – Goods Movement (MIGO)  


Double Click MIGO  

Maintain the entries as explained below

Ensure Goods receipt is selected in the left top box above the header details .  

To look at the other possible entries click . Other possible entries are


Ensure  is selected to make GR with reference to purchase order.  

Other possible entries are


Above two fields indicate the Process and reference document. I.e. Goods Receipt with reference to Purchase Order.  

Enter the purchase order number and serial number as shown below.


Note: - PO can be selected from the left side display. Left side display will show the past purchase orders used. To select from left side display, double click on the required PO.  


Note: - as soon as pressing the  key display of purchase order in the above box where we mentioned the PO will disappear.  

Maintain the delivery note details Click the tab screens one by one in the detail data area  

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