MM Cookbook - Create Contract

By Subhajeet Behera

Contract is an agreement between the vendor and the company to supply goods and services as per the agreed terms and condition.  

At the time of negotiating, it may not be clear as of how much is required and when it is required. In such a situation, an open contract can be released on the vendor.  

Every contract must be followed by a release order which is nothing but a normal PO with reference to the contract.  

Contracts can be release centrally or with specific to plant. In case of multiple plants, central contract can be released and release order specific to each plants can be released.  

Menu Path:-

Logistics à Materials Management  à Purchasing  à Outline Agreement  à Contract à ME31K – Create  


Double Click ME31K  


Enter vendor number. E.g. IND6-1  

Enter document type. Possible entries are


e.g select MK.  


Enter Purchase organization, purchasing group and storage location.  



Maintain the entries as shown below.  


Enter material code and target quantity. E.g. STJRM001 and 10000 respectively

Select the item  

Click  to maintain the pricing conditions  

Note:- Condition which are already maintained in the info record only appear here. If required add discount condition type manually.  

Double click on item serial number to enter item detail tax  


Message  will appear at the bottom

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