Consolidate the same line item quantity from different Purchase Requisitions and create one line item with consolidated quantity (instead of having multiple times same line item with different quantities)

By Madhu

Follow these steps to achieve the functionality:

  • Go to ME21N
  • Click on "Document Overview On" (Mostly it will get open by default)
  • Click on "Selection Variant"
  • In Pull down list select "Purchase Requisitions"
  • New screen will get open, enter your material number and execute.
  • All PRs will be listed in ME21N Screen.
  • Drag and drop the first PR in the header level shopping cart. (shopping trolley symbol)
  • Item will get updated.
  • Now go to item details and click on "Delivery Schedule" Tab.
  • Here also you can see a shopping cart.
  • Now drag and drop all the PRs in this shopping cart.
  • Now all the PRs qty. will get updated in single PO line.

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