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1.6      Creation of Excise Registers – (J1I5)

You follow this procedure to create the excise registers.  

Three steps are to be followed for creation and printing of the excise registers                                                                                        

1.6.1       Updating of Registers (RG23 A).

The updating of registers includes receipts and issues.

The classification of receipts and issues is done by selecting the appropriate classification as per the table given below.      Receipt updating of Registers (RG23A)  

Menu Path: India Localisation menu (J1ILN) à Indirect Taxes -> Registers ->Excise Tax -> Update RG 23A/C Issues and RG 1.

On the selection screen, you specify

  • Which documents you want to cover:
    • Enter general organizational details in the Company details group box.
    • Enter details about the documents that you want to include in the register, in the Document header and Document details group boxes.

Select movement type 101 and storage location.

Also select appropriate classification type (RMA) in case of receipt from manufacture.

Select register RG23 A, in the Registers group box


First select entries & click on Simulate  icon.

The signal becomes

Then put tick in checkbox and select  for updating the register.

Register is updated and the screen looks as given below.

1.6.2       Data Extraction – J2I5

Menu path: India localization menu à Indirect taxes à Registers à Excise Tax à Extract (J2I5)

On the selection screen enter the excise group, start date (of the month) and end date (of the month) and select the registers for which the data extraction is required.


Following screen appears

1.6.3       Register printout – J2I6

You use this report to print out your excise registers.

Menu path: India localisation menu à indirect taxes à Registers à Excise Tax à Print utility program (J2I6)

On the selection screen select the registers which are to be printed.


On the selection screen select the excise group, start date (of the month) and end date (of the month).  


Select suitable printer and print the register.  

1.7        Procedure for creating Excise Invoice for vendor returns           
1.7.1 Create Return Delivery Documents through MIGO  

Menu Path: Logistics à Materials Management à Inventory Management à Goods Movement à MIGO-Goods Movement (MIGO)  

Indicates the business transaction that you want to enter in the system and give the Original GRN Document number  


Enter the Quantity to be return on Quantity Tab  


Enter the Reason for movement on where Tab and movement type is 122 for Return Delivery to vendor  


Select the Goods Issue Indicator IPD  


In Excise Invoice tab Header Level, only Part I Entry will be maintained.  


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