Step by Step MM-CIN Training Documentation

By G.V.SHIVAKKUMAR, Tata Consultancy Services  

Topics covered:  

1.       Excise Transactions

2.       Capital Goods Purchase

3.       Returnable/ Non Returnable Gate Pass

4.       Import Purchase Cycle

5.       Vendor Return & Excise Reversal  


1.1       Procedure for Claiming CENVAT for Raw Materials

1.1.1       Create the Purchase Order (ME21N)

Follow standard PO creation process  

1.1.2 Gate Entry (/cvs/gnt01)

Enter the PO No in the Field, and then all the items against the Po will be shown. Enter the Relevant Quantity, Enter the LR no, Vehicle No, Vendor Excise No, In the Text Enter the Transporter Name. Security ID Select from the Drop Down Menu.

1.1.3Goods Receipt to Unrestricted (Movement type: 101)  

Menu Path: Logistics à Materials Management à Inventory management àGoods movement à goods receipt à for purchase orderà Purchase order no. Known (MIGO)  

a.     Enter the PO number and click on Execute button as shown below.


b.    Enter the Gate Entry No It will show the gate Entry Quantity of the in the Quantity tab in field Quantity in Unit of entry.  

c.     Enter receiving Storage Location in Where tab. Here check the stock type in which material is going to receive. If some text needs to be added regarding the goods receipt enter it in Text field. If it subjected to batch Management then enter the Vendor Batch No as well as In-house batch no. If you want to Split the Quantity then Click on, Then Enter the Batch, Quantity etc. After doing all these thing go to Classification Enter all the Parameter.    



d.    Click on Item OK Checkbox – at this point of time system will show relevant information of excise for which Excise Invoice tab will appear in the Header screen as shown below, select Only Capture Excise Invoice on this tab and put the Vendor Excise Invoice no check the Excise group.  

e.     Check the Excise Details related to the received material in Excise Item tab in Detail Data screen as shown below.  

 Press Post button to save the Goods receipt, system will generate the Goods receipt Document. System will automatically update the Part I register as soon as the GR is made.

1.1.2       Post the Captured Vendor’s Excise Invoice  

Go to CIN transaction  

Menu Path: User menu à Indirect taxes à Procurement à Excise invoice à Incoming Excise invoice à Individual Processing à Capture/Display (J1IEX)  

a.     Select Post Excise Invoice and Vendor in windows above the Header.

b.    Enter Goods Receipt Document number generated in STEP 2 and press ENTER or Click on Execute  button.  

c.     Following screen will appear as shown below.  


d.    Enter Vendor Excise Invoice Number, Excise Invoice Date, Excise group –  (or any other appropriate excise group).  

e.     If material had directly came from different vendor, Enter vendor code in Ship from field in miscellaneous tab.

f.     If Excise Invoice is faulty and still want to take the credit for the excise invoice, enter the rejection code.  


g.    Check the Material Chapter Heading, Material type in Item tab in Detail Data screen.  

h.     Check the Quantity in Quantity tab  


i.      Check the Duty rate in Duty rate tab.  


j.      Check duty values and Tax amount for the material in Duty value tab.  

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