Automatic generation of POs from Requisitions

By Jaya Kumar, L&T Infotech

Purchase Orders can be generated automatically from purchase requisitions. 


  • Automatic purchase order indicator must be set in both the material master and the vendor master.
  • Purchase requisitions should have unique source of supply. (i.e. Fixed Vendor field in purchase requisition should be populated)

Automatic PO Indicator in Material Master:

Automatic PO Indicator in Vendor Master: 


Fixed Vendor In Purchase Requisition: 


Automatic Creation of Purchase Order from Requisitions: 

Transaction Code: ME59N 


Automatic processing is generally used in well-maintained systems in which majority of requisition items can be converted into follow-on document without manual intervention. 

Requisitions for which the system was unable to generate POs (due to incomplete data, blocked vendor) are listed in a log. Those PR’s should be processed manually.


If there are many line items in PR, System will omit the line item, which is faulty, and create PO for remaining line items. 

The “test run” option will be useful to check for any error logs before executing the actual creation of purchase orders.

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