Sales and Distribution (SD) Interview Questions

  1. While creating a Sales Order, Pricing procedure is not determined automatically, what could be the reason?
  2. What is the difference between condition type EK01 (costs), PR00( basis price) and PBOO( gross price). Can we apply all the three condition type in single sales order?
  3. Whether Free goods should be determined or not for a Sales Order?
  4. How would you determine an output procedure other than the condition types? (Alternative method)
  5. what is the relevance of vendor Tab in customer master and in which scenario you will use this tab?
  6. What is backorder processing?
  7. What is an ABAP Query? How is it different from ABAP reports?
  8. While a Quotation is created, it has to be approved by some authorized person, how to configure this??
  9. What is customer account group?
  10. What is meant by Variant Configuration?
  11. What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Credit Check?
  12. What is the difference between ERB and ERU account keys?
  13. How can we assign one credit limit to two customers?
  14. What is the functionality of negative posting in Billing document?
  15. How to configure the functionality of agent that gets commission on the order brought for other customer?
  16. How would you determine the rules for Shipping conditions other than MALA, MARE, RETA?
  17. What is the use of pricing date in condition type?
  18. What is a transfer order?
  19. How to stop PGI?
  20. In R/3,is it possible to substitute one product for another? If so, how it can be achieved?
  21. What is cut over strategy?
  22. Why does the customer master have different views?
  23. What are the differences between invoice and billing document?
  24. What is the difference between General Item Category Group and Item Category Group?
  25. Where would you specify that a condition type is a discount or a surcharge?


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