'Change validation' in PU12

By Kamesh, Infosys

This document explains what is change validation concept in PU12 and what are all the options  exist  in change validation  concept .

‘Change validation‘ in PU12 is useful when  the information only needs to appear in the export file if the data has changed from the previous time the export was run.

Change validation is applicable on PU12 interface level.

To achieve this, select the 'change validation' button at the top of the screen.

Tcode :PU12

Interface format is defined with below infotypes.

Click on ‘Change validation‘ .


Place the cursor on ‘Objects of change validation‘ and Click on ‘Create‘.

Pop up will be asked to choose the infotypes and all the infotypes defined in interface format will be shown up here.

IT0002,IT0006,IT0008 and IT0014  are selected .

Any field of  P0002 ,P0006, P0008 and P0014 can be exported to Pu12 file . Few fields can be deleted  like  ‘INFTY‘ field  becuase always INFTY field will have infotype number even if we change the data also.

To ensure that only fields that have been changed are exported, the 'single field validation' must be assigned at the table level. To do this, select the table and select the single field validation button.

Removed all the fields and remaining fields are to be exported to file .

Single field validation shown in the below screen .

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