Additional fields for selection in the Free Search (Object Manager) option in PA20/PA30

By Ganesh Kumar K, Intelligroup

Below is the documentation helps in adding the additional fields (like custom info type fields) for selecting the Employee number in free search (Object manager) in PA20.  

When you click on the free search option system internally calls an ADHOC query. These entries for each scenario (like Employee, Applicant) will be maintained in T77OMAHQ_FUNCAR. If there is no entry in this it calls the default one /SAPQUERY/HR_ADM.  


Go to SQ02 and copy /SAPQUERY/HR_ADM to ZHR_ADM, we can add the custom info type fields in the new one.  

Add the info types from Edit -> Info type selection  

Select the required Info type from further info types.  


Add the info type in the Info set and Generate. Assign the Info set to the User group.  

Make and entry in T77OMAHQ_FUNCAR  


Now go to PA20 and check we can see the newly added fields.  

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