Training and Event Management

By Sravanthi

The Training and Event Management component lets you plan and manage any kind of business event: Training courses, Conferences, Lectures etc. With Training and Event Management you can manage both internal and external events and make bookings, pre bookings and cancellations.  

The Configuration steps for the Training and Event Management is:  

Configuration Path

SPROà SAP Reference IMG à Training and Event Management  


Business Event Preparation:

Define Cost Items:

Training and Event Management uses cost items to determine and represent the costs incurred by business events. Cost items are also required when you want to transfer event costs to cost accounting, for internal activity allocation for instructors, and for determining a price proposal. The costs items are used for resources, resources types, business events, and business event types.  


Define Time Schedule:

A time schedule defines the timetable of a business event that comprises a number of days, each day consisting of up to three day segments.


Go to Time Schedule click on new entries.  

Give the Schedule as 4DAYSSCH and save it.


Go to Day segment à Click on new entries.  


In the Day segment click on new entries and divide the 4 days schedule into full session and half session.  

In the Day schedules give the Time schedule 4DAYSSCH as shown below.



Click on new entries.


In the Day schedules call the full sess and half sess for the four days as shown below.


Now go to Create Building Address.  



Click on new entries  

Save it.  



Give any start date as per your requirement and click on create.  


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