Concepts of Central Person and Steps to follow in Case if all the Personnel Assignments for a Personnel Number are not shown in PA30

By Vijay Sundaresan, Tata Consultancy Services

Before going into a specific issue, let’s see what a Central Person is.  

CP (Central Person) is an object type which is linked via a relationship to object type P (Person). CP object is created in background while hiring a person (necessary configuration should be in place). CP is mainly required when there are multiple countries implemented in a system and an Employee needs to be re-assigned to a country other than Home country. In that case a new PERNR is generated for this employee for the new Country and this PERNR is again linked to the same CP object. Thus all the various PERNRs of Employee are liked to the same CP which uniquely identifies the Employee.  

CP->PERNR1 (Object type P)

CP->PERNR2 (Object type P)

CP->PERNR3 (Object type P)

CP->PERNR4 (Object type P)  

This helps in tracking the Employee with different PERNRs in different countries with the a unique Central Person ID (CP).  


In PA30, Below is the screen where the Pers Assgn at the top has only one assignment in Yellow.

The related Personnel number 3364 is shown below with Pers Assgn as Blank.  


Ideally the above two personnel numbers refers to one and the same Person due to the different Personnel Assignments. (like expatriate). But the Personnel Assignments in the system shows just one instead of two.  

This is because that the Central Person ID 00000227 is linked only to Personnel Number 00003369 and not to the related Personnel number 00003364 as it is below.

Now the above two Personnel Number 3364 and 3369 has to be linked to the same Central Person ID so that there can be two different Personnel Assignments.  

When you try to create a link between the Central Person and the Personnel Number directly in PP01, you will get the below error.  

Relationship CP B 209 P cannot be maintained using basic transaction  


This can not be maintained through the basic transaction PP01.  

To maintain this through Basic Transaction, following settings has to be done.  

Go to SM30 and the table is T777E  

Select the relationship 209 and GOTO Allowed Relationship in left  


In the below screen, if both the Top Down and Bottom Up relationships are checked (enabled) for NOT MAINTAINED field, then it will not allow to maintain in the basic transaction PP01.  

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