Enhance SPRO to add customized views

By Sai Srinivas, Accenture


Enhance SPRO to add customized views to SPRO and make documentation of the relevant Z customization.  

Use in Projects:

The customized entries and documentation will be with in SPRO and understandable to everyone.  

  • Entire Customization including ‘Z’ objects comes under one tree(SPRO)

  • Reduces the time to become familiar with the system & processes.

  • Easy to maintain.

  • KT process becomes easier.  


To add this maintenance in SPRO, we need to enhance SPRO.  

Run the TA : S_IMG_EXTENSION from the easy access:  



Select the relevant IMG Structure from the F4 Button.  

In this case, the IMG structure is Sales.



Press F4 on Enhancement ID, It shows all the existing Enhancement ID’s. We can create our own enhancement ID.  

Cilck ‘ SAVE’ Button.  

Object directory entry screen is displayed. Give the package name. Workbench request gets created.

Once saved, Click on continue button

Click here to continue...

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