Handle GLPLUP Budget Upload Dump

By Rajani Putha, Accenture

Introduction:  While uploading budget using Transaction GLPLUP (FI-SL: Excel Upload of Plan Data), Sometimes we will be encountered with MESSAGE_TYPE_X’ dump errors.

Transaction: GLPLUP selection screen provided with required Plan and file path details.

Issue:  When user is trying to upload Budget files by using transaction GLPLUP and this is resulting in a dump error ‘MESSAGE_TYPE_X’.

Cause: As per standard process of this transaction GLPLUP, data has to be maintained for all the columns in the excel file. However in current case UOM is filled only for few lines and for others it is Blank value and hence transaction GLPLUP is throwing dump for those blank values.


Solution: To rectify this dump issue, In transaction GLGCS1 for table ‘FAGLFLEXT’ field ‘RUNIT’(Base Unit  ) we have to maintain the flag ‘Upload of initial values allowed’ as shown in below screen and this will resolve the dump issue.

In the same way we have to maintain for other fields where the column values are initial in the budget excel file.

Once the above configurations are performed the file will get upload successfully through GLPLUP transaction.

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